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Frequently Asked Questions

Bitwin Token is a main method of payment to be used with Bitwin 2.0 platform, that grants users with cheap, fast, accurate, fair, transparent gambling entertainment.

Bitwin Token Team comprise as for now of 34 skilled professionals. Our employees bring world-class expertise from their work in online casino and sportsbook business, iGaming plus mobile products, marketing, customer service, as well as software and web development.

We wanted to solve problems that bother recent gambling and sportsbook market, including high margins, RNG algorithm tampering and funds freezing. BWT Token was designed to disrupt outdated online casino model with the use of new technologies.

You can use it with all games and bets on Bitwin 2.0 online casino and sportsbook. It will be the main method of payment on Bitwin 2.0 platform. You can actively shape Bitwin 2.0 gaming content by our voting mechanism. Game developers will receive BWT Tokens for players enjoying their games on The Platform. Finally, tokens may be sold, or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

Bitwin Token is one of the means of exchange within the platform and has multiple applications:

  • Cashback system.
  • An in-game currency.
  • Reward for game developers contribution to the Bitwin ecosystem.
  • Bitwin Vault funds to provide liquidity for Sportsbook.
  • Used for voting on the games submitted by developers.

Yes. Bitwin 2.0 is made to fully explore the advantages of blockchain. In our opinion blockchain is the only future for online casinos and sportsbooks, as for many different businesses. We could not provide players and bettors with cheaper, faster, more fair, secure and reliable online gambling with the use of any other existing technology. Without blockchain and its properties, we would not invent better clients’ privacy protection, democratic voting mechanisms for games, transparent method of calculating Bitwin Global Jackpot, truly random and verifiable number generator, together with a way to attract plus grow Community of Developers. We carried extra steps to assure Bitwin 2.0 platform is compliant with most recent trends regarding online gambling platforms and decentralized casinos.

Bitwin 1.0 is a online casino and sportsbook with state-of-art design and user experience, whereas Bitwin 2.0 is fully decentralized digital entertainment platform based on blockchain with features such as Community of Developers, Global Jackpot and white-label solutions for other digital entertainment platforms.

All information will be available at our main website token.bitwin.com and our social media channels

To be eligible you need to be 18 or over and not be a citizen of U.S.

Due to law restrictions USA, China and North Korea are banned from Bitwin 2.0 Token Sale.

You will be able to purchase Bitwin Tokens (BWT) during the token sale using multiple cryptocurrencies.

We will support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Litecoin.

The price of a single token will be dependent on the stage of the token sale. Token price will be cheapest at the early stages and will slightly increase over time. Current available price will be displayed on our website token.bitwin.com

Bitwin Token Sale participants will be able to purchase any amount of tokens during the crowdsale. There are not limits on maximum investments unless the total amount of tokens sold would exceed our hard cap.

Yes, hard cap of our token sale equals to 20 million USD.

You can register for our Whitelist already or do it once we begin the token sale but hurry up, we might allow a limited number of investors due to high demand.

Bitwin will be conducting a preliminary sale for investors who will be granted an exclusive offer with an additional discount. Bitwin 2.0 accepts VCs, institutional entities, SME owners and those who wish to invest significant amount of funds for its pre-sale phase. For details, contact us at token@bitwin.com

Bitwin Tokens are not held by Bitwin, depending on a cryptocurrency that you invest with, you get your BWT Tokens instantly or up to 24h after the transaction is confirmed.

No, BWT Token is primarily designed as utility token, so it does not entitle holders to profit just for holding it. There is a way to get BWT Tokens as a reward for developing games on the platform. For more information, see our Game Developers Community section in our Whitepaper.

We estimate that the MVP will be delivered in 8-10 months starting from the conclusion of the private funding stage.

Bitwin expects the platform to be launched Q4 2019.

Bitwin has to be compliant with all legal restrictions of running an online casino in order to run as a live platform on bitwin.com. We take KYC/AML laws very seriously to be competitive and allow other operators to license the platform, so Bitwin will comply with all the laws and regulations required by a regular online casino meaning, that the Token Sale process will be covered by KYC as well.

You will be able to buy Bitwin Token on exchanges after the crowdsale. List of exchanges will be provided on our site token.bitwin.com.

We do not want to disclose that information beforehand. Stay tuned to our social media channels to be the first to know

The best way to learn more about the tokens is to read our Whitepaper. Be sure to check out our website as well as subscribe to our social media channels on Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and follow the thread on Bitcointalk.